woensdag 28 maart 2012

Hangt Aan de Bar Geecap

Here are some photos from the G-Tay evening at Poortgebouw. Thanks to all the people who showed up, all the people that helped made it happen and a big thank you to the J-man at Poortgebouw! Shake those worries off your shoulders. Haangt Weer Aan de Bar coming soon.

mingle mingle at TapeDekk Joe's Bar room

Gratis goodies

Eat this

Tapedekk Joe's Love Shack

Krauzzer's Mind's a Brustin'

Yaamaan x Pushercat Boards

Bambi Aanwezig

G-Sos Skulls

Pot Tombola, High five to the unlucky winners!

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Roadborn XXX Romanesco ZZpecial

No Man's

Ham Rock Hanki
Stinky & 8 Ball

Parabone Rugged

Road Surf
Krauzzer & Stinky

Lucky Tooth
8 Ball & Stinky

Romanesco Folders

Spread Them Damned Wings